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Actionscript Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will go through new language features, the new object-oriented programming model, and see examples of migrating ActionScript 1.0 (from Flash 5 and MX) to ActionScript 2.0.
In this tutorial Author shows you how we can use the BitmapData class in a practical and simple way to create a little color picking application just using a couple of methods and very little code.
You can create all kinds of interactivity in Flash. Author ahows  mouse drag that allows user to 'pick' something with the mouse and place it anywhere on the Flash movie stage.
 You'll learn more about creating an interactive movie. The tutorial is designed for Flash users who are ActionScript beginners but who want to work towards advanced abilities.
Good tutorial for basic and advanced Actionscript
Creating an analog clock with ActionScript using no design tools whatsoever
An introduction to Actionscript - watch and learn how to build a Flash website with Actionscript 2.0.
The tutorial will be helpful to webpage designers and people trying to learn more about creating interactive content for the Internet, CD-Rom or DVD distribution. It will empower creative people interested in learning animation to author interactive stories.
Flash 8 ActionScript 2.0 Language Reference
Beginning and advanced Actionscript tutorial
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